Adam "TideGear" Milecki
Based in Orange County, California, USA

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January 4, 2014



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Rubicon Zone Warning is a unique action/puzzle PC freeware game by Adam “TideGear” Milecki with music by Jesse “Main Finger” Gregory. Disarm metaphysical bombs meant to destroy entire parallel dimensions. Use astral hacking, a method of hacking time and space. Control a vessel, a manifestation of your consciousness, inside each bomb. Time is ticking down. The walls are moving in. Disarm immediately!


I don’t remember the moment I fell in love with video games, because it was so early. I simply remember being in love from the start. Having received an NES at the age of two, there’s really only one path I could have taken in life. I realized my love for video games could be my future. Working in the game industry isn’t for those who want to get rich, but it’s for me. I got into writing about games, because good games that are trapped in obscurity need a voice. Big budget games have their voices, but lesser-known games deserve a voice too! That hobby became more and more professional. I was also developing my own independent PC games as a hobby. It was only a matter of time; before I knew it, I was working in the game industry (Rockin' Android and more) doing PR, Copy Editing, Testing/QA, Business Advisory, and more. I’ve quickly become multi-talented, able to stand on my own in various positions.


  • Strange and challenging action/puzzle gameplay
  • Abstract and metaphysical future aesthetics
  • Make your own levels using just a text editor
  • Keyboard and Xbox/XInput controller support
  • Free!


View gameplay footage of Rubicon Zone Warning on YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "I love this game!" You, soon

Selected Articles

  • "The game charges players with the task of disarming metaphysical bombs using "astral hacking" to crack time and space. The game "is and will remain free" upon its release, but those who donate to the developer will receive the Rubicon Zone Warning's soundtrack, a thank you letter and more. According to Milecki, players can also make their own content by editing the files directly; downloads of the game include a short guide on how to craft new levels."
    - Megan Farokhmanesh, Polygon.com

Rubicon Zone Warning official site
The official site of Rubicon Zone Warning at tidegear.net.

Rubicon Zone Warning's soundtrack
See Main Finger's post about the soundtrack at mainfinger.com.

About Adam "TideGear" Milecki

Hardcore gamer and indie-game developer, working as jack-of-all-trades in gaming.

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Rubicon Zone Warning Credits

Adam "TideGear" Milecki
Code, Graphics, Sound-Effect Mixing, Story, and Documentation

Jesse "Main Finger" Gregory

presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks