Corncob 3D and the Corncob Other Worlds Campaign

(Now officially freeware!)

The sci-fi flight-simulator game for DOS, Corncob 3D, is one of countless games I have fond memories of, but I did notice it’s nearly impossible to obtain it (and its sequel) legitimately. I wanted to fix that! I tracked down the developer, Kevin Stokes, and received permission from him and George Welch to release both games as freeware! Thanks a bunch, Kevin and George!

These games can be played on modern systems by using DOSBox.

I’ve managed to obtain…

└─> Download!

└─> Download the disk image! or Download the install files from the disk!

└─> Download!

└─> Download!

…As far as I’ve seen, these are the latest versions. Please let me know if you've seen otherwise.

I’m still looking for…

…Please contact me if you can provide these!

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